Poemtober: volume 2 issue 1

Jennifer Prewitt
2 min readOct 4, 2021


hello! welcome to poemtember, where i take Inktober daily prompts and write bad, bad lil poems based off the prompts! it’s fun it’s silly it’s whatever you want it be! illustrations accompany some of the poems as well, which is maybe even more fun more silly than the poems themselves. enjoy :)

Crystal by Sara Alavi


A flight attendant

whose bra fits poorly

a smooth quartz

holding the sanity of a

young twenty something

in its refractions

half the name of a salt brand

half the name of a lake



when its a ball

it predicts the future

or at least

reveals it

when it’s a powder

it’s illegal, addictive

when it’s a glass

you’re dining somewhere fancy

savor the

food and the

feel of the

upper echelon

— — — — — — — —


You can follow it


But why do that

When you can wear it

suit by Jennifer Prewitt

— — — — — — —

Vessel ( പറ ) by Neena Kallookulangara


Her leg touches mine touches against hers

She knows and I know she knows

It’s us, only us

And my can of seltzer water

A hand lingers interrupted by the cry of a baby

We never exchanged words yet

Found intimacy in row 15



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