Inktober, But Make It Poems (Week 4 [aka Finale])

float by Jennifer Prewitt


there’s a choice to be made here

do i want to proceed with this as

rest in peace

or rip

as in tear

and look at that

another choice

tear as in cry

or tear

as in rip


myself into

a hole

which is what i did last night

i won’t get into it

because it’s a sensitive subject

for me and my loved ones

meaning me and the one other person involved

don’t you hate when you do that

and the deeper you go

the more you regret speaking

or being born at all

am i supposed to own a shovel one day?

a literal one, not metaphoric

and when do i invest in that

is there a brand to look out for

and please tell me its the store brand version


if someone called me buddy

id feel like an ugly toddler

that just peed their pants

and is now crying sobbing flailing about

instead it’d be me

a young professional woman

triple threat

crying sobbing flailing about

after being totally desexualized

relegated to nothing but a



behind the cans

of black beans and chickpeas

is a little jar

it’s plastic but inside

it’s full of gold

that haunts me

how can an object

valued less than two american dollars

have such a hold on me

that i have to hide it so as to not

consume it in one grand but nauseating sitting

like a bear fresh out of hibernation

ready for its first meal of the season

just ground up peanuts

ground so much

that i have to practice restraint

around it

music by Neena Kallookulangara


once a month

i pay five ninety nine

dollars and cents


for this little application

known as spotify

only to listen to bad music to workout to

and to access another service

known as hulu


we all make mistakes

cant take things back even though

if given the chance

we’d do everything differently

i’m not sure exactly what events

led up to my nephew

dropping not one but

two Nintendo DS’s

into the toilet

but i bet he regrets them


i dont have hard opinions on them

but i have hard opinions on

the absence of them

all im saying is

if you run barefoot

you’re legally not allowed to

talk to me



pull out laptop

put on glasses

sun not yet up

pretending i know

what my job is

sip coffee

chug water

get an email

and guess what it’s asking

jumping jacks

and distance runs

waiting for tomorrow

and the work items

ill try and take a crack at

ominous by Sara Alavi


last poem and it

did feel like a crawl to the finish

kind of feels like a crawl to the start of my

life too

by that i mean

it took a long time

for me to be happy

and now im not sure what i feel

happy but sad

i dont think anyone is actually happy

right now

now it feels like im crawling to

the joke

taking my time to be somber

what if i told you

that i was taking a break from humor





Chicago-based person. Follow me on Instagram (@radiantegg) where I post silly things that make me smile and serious things that make me smile.

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Jennifer Prewitt

Jennifer Prewitt

Chicago-based person. Follow me on Instagram (@radiantegg) where I post silly things that make me smile and serious things that make me smile.

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